Bellagio, set in the middle of Lake Como and surrounded by the scenery of the Alps, shines like a jewel.

Go down the ancient staircases and get lost in the mysterious alleys where you will find colorful shops and irresistible coffee houses. Walking by the lakeside, you can enjoy the shine of water.
From Bellagio you can easily take a boat to explore the typical villages and the stately villas that overlook the pure and serene waters of the lake.

Como Lake

For centuries Lake Como was the favorite sojourn destination for the European elite to revive the spirit and awaken the senses. Under the immense sky, between the impressive mountains and the crystal clear waters, the charming villages, the neo-classical villas and the elegant gardens of the lake still continue to inspire visitors.

The old borough

Bellagio, the most enchanting place of the lake and most romantic of Italy, stands on the tip of promontory that divides the two southern branches of Como Lake. The old borough consists of a succession of narrow cobbled streets, a pedestrian lakefront, the arched shops and fascinating buildings in pastel colors. The frequency of the boats Bellagio makes an ideal starting point for day trips to the historic villas, the beautiful gardens and the surrounding villages.

Villa Melzi and its gardens

Villa Melzi is a neoclassical masterpiece. Take a moment of silence admiring the elegant symmetry of the terrace overlooking the lake or be touched by the triumph of the botanical gardens all year round. An extraordinary profusions of azaleas explodes in spring , while in winter the magic of foliage and of botanical architectures enchant the eyes.

Pescallo Bay

A cobbled stairway connects Bellagio to Pescallo fraction, once a small fishing village. An old borough composed of small amazing squares, a picturesque marina, homes covered with ivy and a tiny enchanting chapel. For over fifty years the nearby Rockefeller Foundation hosts and inspires the greatest thinkers of the planet.